Vision and Values

Unite Church’s Mission

Unite is a home built on Christ, where people meet Jesus, are transformed together, and who shine as God’s family in every sphere of life.

Unite Church’s Core Values

God is Good:

The foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of our thinking, our response of trust in life and finance, the Prodigal Father, the manifest presence of God in our worship-life. (Luke 15:11-32)

Home of Healing:

The grace of God, family, authenticity, closeness, God as our healer, journeying together, salvation in motion. (James 5:16)

Grow Together:

Living a life of purpose, playing our parts, being united in Spirit, unrestrained faith in every area of life. (Ephesians 4:16)

For the One:

Being on mission, everyone matters, focused on one person finding Jesus; being transformed; and shining. (Romans 8:19, Luke 15:11-32)

2019 Vision