Giving is a form of worship and a way to impart into mission and ongoing work for Christ. While we do not require visitors or members to give, we encourage regular members to do so as part of their own faith. Many choose to give to their own church family, while others may feel called to give elsewhere. jigjdigdodnsoiniosiniosivnidvindnsndn maybe mention when you give something about partnering with unite to see more people meet jesus kdskndknekdnekewnsaknkSKqwkwknw kw kc kcw wkwe k ck ck kc ekkne kdnckd.

Ways to give

There are various ways to give:

1. The giving station at church.

2. via direct deposit. Unite Church : 01-0702-0017237-00 (reference giving, offering or tithing)

3. The donation button below.