For Team Leaders:

Creating the new Draft Roster

For Office Administration:

When the current roster is coming to an end, a new draft roster for the next term will need to be made.

  1. Go to Services > Add Service

  2. Select the Type of service

  3. Untick “Publish” so that when the new roster is created, it is as a draft.

  4. Click “Bulk Add” and select the first service date (the date following the end of the current roster) and the final service date (the date that will take the roster through to the end of the next holidays) and then click “Bulk Add”

  5. Check the Times for this service are still correct

  6. Click “Save.”

  7. Message all the team leaders - let them know the new draft roster has been created and to begin filling it in. Send follow up messages to ensure the roster is completed and ready to be sent at least one week prior to the new roster beginning.

Emailing the Published Roster

For Office Administration and/or team leaders:

When all the team leaders are finishing inputting their roster, the office admin will publish and send the roster to all volunteers.

Office please ensure this is done a week prior to the draft roster beginning.

  1. Go to Services > Filter to “Draft” and also filter the service type (i.e. Sunday Services)

  2. Tick all the draft services showing and publish them all via the mass manage option.

  3. Then click “Edit Multiple” and wait for them all to load.

  4. Click “Contact” and ensure all services are ticked, and “With status:” “Unconfirmed” and “Confirmed” is ticked

  5. Tick “Contact all scheduled volunteers.”

  6. Tick all teams, unless you are sending just one specific team their roster (for example, if the worship team’s roster has been edited and needs to be resent)

  7. Click “Filter Volunteers” and click “Email only”

  8. Have the email sent from, edit the message if necessary, and then click “Send!”