Starting Guide & User Tips


How to use Slack well

Use the app, not your internet browser

On a computer, you can log in to Slack from your internet browser (Chrome, Safari etc) but it will be easier to use if you download the desktop app.

Search (in your browser or google) “Slack desktop app.” One of the top links should be a download for Windows, and another for Mac. Follow the instructions to download. If you need help, ask. 

There is a phone app too of course. Make sure you download the app, log in and turn on push notifications.

The benefit with this, is you will get desktop notifications when you are using your computer, and if you are part of more than one work-space, you will be able to more easily switch between all of them. Click the box with a + in it at the bottom to add another work-space to your app.

Format Typing

Bold your text: *put an asterisk before and after text like this to type in bold* or highlight text and Ctrl B if you’re on a desktop.

Your text in italics: _put an underscore before and after text like this to type in italics_ or highlight text and Ctrl I if you’re on a desktop. 

Indent your text: >put a greater-than symbol before your text like this to indent it.

Remind yourself about a message

If a message pops up and you don’t have time to read it or action it at that moment, take a few seconds to ask Slack to remind you about it later so that you don’t miss it. 

On a computer - hover over the message and click the ••• , or on a phone - hold down on the message. Click “remind me” and select when you want to be reminded.