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What is Heartbeat?

The focus of these nights is for our leaders, volunteers, and life group members to understand and be part of the heartbeat of Unite Church. What is God doing? Where are we going? What’s our culture? Who are we together? These are the things that are so important, and the more you hear these things from leadership, the more engaged you’ll be - it’s a win-win.

We want to be transparent and clear, listening and collaborating with you, the people who have given their lives to serve God and His church. We get to worship together, pray together and do life together, more than just on Sunday mornings.

The focus of Sunday morning is the guest, who is new, and how do we give them every opportunity to meet Jesus. Life groups are where we are transformed together, and our daily lives are where we shine - whether at home, serving at church, or talking to a friend.

Heartbeat nights bring this all together - our why, our reason, our purpose.

Heartbeat is the third week of every month, Wednesday nights, 6-7.15pm.

We understand that this is a sacrifice - so we’ve thought of some helpful things to assist in making this time a priority in your month: Kids care at church? - We’ll sort. Life Group on that night? - Talk to your leader and see if there’s an alternative? Anything else, let me know and we’ll do our best to make it easy for you to be there.

Again, thank you so much for your heart, your time and your love for the people of Unite and beyond! So blessed to do this with you all.


Contact ask@unitechurch.org.nz or talk to your Team/Life Group leader if you have any questions.