Health & Safety



For staff (volunteer and paid) to fill in to contribute to keeping Unite church a healthy & safe space to work and be.


Fill in a HAZARD REPORT form if you identify a hazard. A hazard is a situation which presents the potential for an incident, accident or near miss. Do not use this form to report a near miss, incident or injury. Instead fill in the Incident Report Form.

Fill in a INCIDENT REPORT form in the event of a worker witnessing/being involved in any non-conformance, or an incident, or resulting, or potentially resulting, in an injury or an unsafe practice or a near hit.


Or if you prefer, you can download and print these forms:

Hazard report form download

Incident report form download

Risk Register

View the Unite Church building risk register here.

Fill in the form below if you have comments or questions regarding this register. If you can identify a hazard that is not listed here, please take the time to fill in the Hazard Report form above.