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Extreme Tips for Extreme Slackers

Use Slack for Reminders 

Set A Reminder For Yourself, Others, Or An Entire Channel.

In any message or channel (only you will see this) type your reminder in this format: /remind @person or #channel or me | what | when

For example:

/remind me that I have to call mum at 9am this Friday

/remind @joebloggs to get the team snacks in 2 hours

/remind #staff-meetings to check the meeting agendaat 5pm every Monday

Check the all the reminder’s you’ve set by typing /remind list in any channel.

Try it in your own direct message!

Turn Do Not Disturb

When you are on holiday or leave, if Do Not Disturb is turned on, it will hold all notifications until it’s turned back off again.

On Computer: You have more options if you are doing this from your computer.

Click the Bell in the top left, next to your name and workspace name. From here, you can turn Do Not Disturb on (and select when you want it turned off), edit your automatic Do Not Disturb settings (eg. automatically turns on after 5pm and turns off at 8am the next day), and edit other notification settings. 

On Phone: Tap the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner of your phone screen in the Slack app, and then click Do not disturb. You can turn it on and select when you want it to be turned off.