Database Management

for office administration:

It’s important to keep our database accurate in order for it to be effective.

Office Admin will run the below reports at the end of each term, as new rosters are being made, to check they are still current.

People Category Maintenance:

  • Run a report of everyone in the each People Category and send to appropriate ministry leader.

  • It will come back with people to be moved from one category to another.

  • This report also allows ministry leaders to see people who should be contacted in hope to help them connect in a greater way (and potentially transition to a new people category). For eg, a guest who regularly attends but hasn’t connected into team/LG could be contacted to discuss joining a team or LG. Encourage ministry leaders to think about this when reviewing their reports.

  • Some people from this list will be able to be archived.

  • Guide to running this report here.

Kingdom Team (Departments) Maintenance:

  • Run a report of everyone in each Department and send to appropriate Kingdom Team Leader.

  • Edit People’s Departments as necessary by going to their profile and adding/removing departments under the “Edit” tab.

  • Guide to running this report here.


Change Someone’s (People) Category:

  • Go through Flows first, if advancing people on - this will help you ensure all the steps are taken (as mentioned above) when people are moved through from one category to the next

    Otherwise, if moving people back (if moving them beyond “team / life group leadership”):

  • If changing a bulk amount of people - select them all and click “mass manage” > “change field” > “People category” (and then in the box below that) select which People category you want to move them to, and click “Perform mass manage.”

  • If editing the category of just one person at a time, go to that person’s profile, and in the left hand column of their profile you can change it.

  • Remember to check what else you need to do when changing someone to a specific category. Click here to see the People Categories Guide.


People Status:

  • People are marked as either active, contacts, or archived (or deceased). As you do the people category maintenance as described to the left, and move people from one category to another, you will also be changing their “status.”

  • You can change someone’s status under “actions” on the left hand column in their profile, or by mass managing when selecting more than one person.


Fixing Duplicates:

To be done every start of year (Jan-Feb) and half year (July-August)

  • Go to “People” and then change the “View” to “Duplicates.”

  • It will list all the duplicates and give you the option to mark “not a duplicate” (if there is just two people with same name!) or to “merge with duplicates.”

  • When you click “Merge with duplicates,” it will bring up all the duplicates of that person. Select which should be the primary profile (whichever one has the most recent and most accurate info), and then go down and select which info you want to be that which is kept. If it’s all the same info across the duplicates, you won’t need to select/unselect anything. If it’s all different, and you’re unsure, you may ask that person to update their details via


At all stages when Setting up a new person or editing an existing one - check their demographic is correct